4 weeks down and one week of group matches to go. . . . . our Winter League squad of team members and subs have done us proud – here’s hoping for a big finish!!

Sandycove 2 – Lying 3rd in their table w/ 7 points – anything could happen. . . . 9th out of 24 in their class

Sandycove 3G – A point or 2 would be welcome to keep this team safe – we believe in you girls!!

Sandycove 3H – Lying 3rd with 6 points, 22nd out of 48 in the class.

Sandycove 4 – Mid table with 5 points, a point or 2 would be great! (28th out of 48 in class)

Sandycove 5 – Not many points separating this section, Sandycove with 6 points unlucky to be near bottom, a couple of wins could change things here. 27th out of 48 in class.

Sandycove 6 – so proud of this team lying a comfortable 2nd, and 6th out of 48 in the league! they have won every week . . .no pressure on the valiant subs whom they have called up to seal the deal!

Sandycove 7 – The most loyal team of the campaign , a single sub all league! This team have committed themselves and have seen the results, lying 2nd in their section with 7 points and 11th out of 39 in their class.

I was lucky enough to get to watch a good bit of the tennis last week. Both Class 3 teams dazzled me with wins at 2pm against Greystones and Leopardstown. Super, super tennis. Hoping I learned a few things!
I had to go for a cold dip in the 40 foot to recover and then back to watch some of the fantastic tennis offered up by our class 5 & 7 teams.
Unfortunately 5 lost to Wicklow (Mairead and Lisa very unlucky with a tight 7-5, 7-5 defeat. Emma and Jade nabbed a point, making it look easy 6-0, 6,1)
Class 7 had another win with 2 points. Ellen and Niamh comfortable at 1s, Oilbhe and Elaine slogged it out in 3 sets to secure the second point. Mary and Aisling unlucky in 3 sets.

Class 2 travelled to Fitzwilliam and unfortunately lost to a very strong side – but Aine and Chloe secured an all important point at 1s.
Class 4 were also away . . . to LCC . . . .and suffered a similar fate – a single point, secured by Captain Clodagh and Sarah Beth. Many thanks to super sub Shelagh who, alongside Natalie, brought their opponents to a 3rd, unlucky to lose it.
Class 6 journeyed to Shankill, and it was worth the mileage. 2 points secured, another win.

Very best of luck to everyone in the final week – lets finish with a flourish girls!

Mandy & Ails