Lovely Ladies of Sandycove,

Happy New Year to you all! I’m sure we are all a bit battle-worn after the holidays – a different Christmas for sure. . ..
But back to the courts we go! Channel all that frustration and energy in a positive way and get in shape for a Winter League like never before!

Thank you to everyone who has offered to represent our fine club in this next Winter League. To manage expectations.. . . Similar to the situation last time round, we are totally over-subscribed. We did anticipate this and we entered an extra team, but even still we have 50% more people than spots.
Also, in excellent news for Sandycove, this round sees the return of several strong candidates who were unavailable in October, so most of us will need to take a step to the left to accommodate. This will, for many of us, mean that we see our names on a team a class lower than we played the last time. This is in no way a reflection on our performances or ability – it is just maths! And it does leave Our Club in a fabulous position of having several teams with a REAL and significant chance of promotion!! The lads got a pennant last round. . . . let’s show them up!!

Winter League League matches commence 30.01.22, The group stages will last 5 weeks with hopefully teams progressing to the playoffs on the Sundays following.
Commencing this Sunday, 9th, we will have some Winter League Training, facilitated by the club and coached by Rob; which will allow us get back on court, sharpen our skills and try a few pairings etc to assist our selection committee with the unenviable task of finalising the teams.
We hope that these sessions will run for the next 3 weeks, taking us right up to League.

Training pods and times outlined below. If you had put your hand up even to sub, you have been included in the invite – all are welcome. If anyone had applied and has been missed below please let us know.

To further help the selection committee. . . . if you put your hand up for selection and have advance notice of dates you are not available to play can you send to the below email address by Tuesday 11th Jan. This is not to preclude you, but hopefully match off diaries with a view to accommodating more members on teams!

Thanks ladies,
Looking forward to seeing you all on court

Mandy and Jenny

TRAINING POD 1 – 2-3.30pm
Sandie O Callaghan
Sarah Emerson
Chloe Giacometi
Ruth Dillon
Sarah Jane Llyod
Ellen Pinschmidt
Ali Oconnor
Beccy Breach
Joanna Van Remootere
Vanessa O Reilly
Ruth Canavan
Sarah White
Lucy Butler
Aideen Sheehan
Andrea Begley
Karen Johnson
Fleur Muldowney
Aileen Regan
Breege English
Linda Walsh
Charlie O Brien
Niamh Pentony
Shelagh Cunningham
Helen Hughes
Colette McNichols
Ruth Milne
Angela Bennett
Natalie Flanagan
Lucy Obrien
Kate Begley
Anne Hayden
Sarah Beth Casey
Cara Fitzgerald
Clodagh Quinn
Sophie Fitzgerald
Emma Flanagan
Mandy O’Neill
Jade Hanley

TRAINING POD 2 – 3.30-5pm
Catherine McCooey
Mairead Walsh
Lisa Morgan
Emma Percival
Ann Herbert
Fionnuala Hayes
Margaret Hartnet
Niamh Hughes
Ellen O Carroll
Oisine Hannon
Mairead Mackey
Jenny McCann
Fiona Spillane
Mags OKeefe
Grace Weldon
Elaine Prior
Oilbhe Doyle
Catherine Holmes
Mary Donohue
Anna McDonald
Anita Kane
Anne Marie
Linda Vidal
Aisling Shiels
Emma McCann
Kathy Enderson
Fiona Kelly
Trish Desmond
Marianne McCaffrey
Margaret Smith
Siobhan Smith
Cliona Butler
Dee Lyons
Margaret Branigan
Grace Keegan