Sandycove headed into the Final week of the league campaign with four teams in contention for the play-offs. We’re glad to report that three of them have sailed through to the next round. Sandycove 3, led by Charlie O’Brien, and Sandycove 7, led by Fiona Spillane, play for a place in the quarter finals this Sunday at 2pm at home. Please come down to cheer them on and help them to leverage that Home advantage!

Meanwhile our fantastic Sandycove 8 goes straight into the quarter finals and will be playing the following weekend – hopefully our other two teams will be joining them.

Despite not making it through to the play-off stages good performances from our other teams with a quick round-up below:

Sandycove 1, (4 points) were beaten by a strong Clontarf. This team of outstanding tennis players were unlucky with availability this campaign. Bright things ahead.

Sandycove 2, (5 points) were beaten by Monkstown but it was a tight affair. Two of our pairings went to tight 3 sets but it wasn’t to be.

Sandycove 3 (10 points) were victorious against Wicklow Town, winning 2-1 and putting themselves top of their group.

Sandycove 4 (5 points) had a good win against Shankhill (2-1).

Sadly Sandycove 5 (9 points) just missed out on getting to the play-offs. They lost 2-1 in what was a very tight group. Clontarf (who they had beaten the previous week) pipped them to the play-offs by just one point.

Sandycove 6 (6 points) have had a tough campaign and unfortunately went down on Sunday against a strong De Vesci.

Sandycove 7 (a whopping 12 points!!) have played a strong campaign. With a 2-1 win on Sunday they’ve topped their group with 12 points.

Sandycove 8 (11 points) continued with their winning streak and got a decisive 3-0 win against Wicklow. The top of their group was very tight but luckily they had beaten De Vesci, who finished with the same number of points, meaning it was Sandycove who got through.

Thank you again to all our great subs who played last Sunday, especially those who travelled. And best of luck to those remaining in the campaign!

Mandy & Jenny