With the Championships over and Autumn beckoning, our collective thoughts inevitably turn towards plans for 2020.

I believe that the enhanced culture of Volunteerism during 2019 has had a significantly positive impact in terms of support for Committee members, which has made their jobs a lot easier.

I would strongly encourage members to consider putting their names forward for positions on the new Committee for 2020 – PLEASE DON’T WAIT TO BE ASKED!

We must continue the legacy of Support and Volunteerism into 2020 and beyond. The club doesn’t run by itself and without a full committee and general member support for the many activities, it is impossible for the club to continue to prosper and thrive.

It is also important that all the positions are filled at the outset, as the absence of any committee officer inevitably results in the new Committee having to spend a lot of time trying to fill those positions, with gaps in the service to members being inevitable.

If you are interested in any particular position, please contact me or any other current committee member , in strict confidence, for an initial discussion.
As Nominations need to be finalised by mid- October, I would urge members to please give these positions serious consideration over the coming weeks.

Many Thanks

Ken Browne
Club President