Dear Members,

We would like to remind you of the latest Covid-19 protocols, particularly in reference to our Club Championships which are taking place at the moment.

Remember to sanitise hands on arrival at the club.

In line with Government and Tennis Ireland guidelines, there are to be NO spectators at matches. The only exception to this is for junior players who may have one parent in attendance.

If you are waiting to play a match, you may of course watch the other matches, but you must keep two metres from the next person. You can watch from anywhere along the carpark, from underneath the balcony, or from the balcony if there are less than six people on it.

Only six people may be on the balcony at any one time, including organisers. People on the balcony must maintain two metres distance.

You are asked to leave promptly after your game to limit the amount of people gathering on site. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 15 people at a two metre distance from each other.

The lounge is closed and is off limit to all members except the Championships organisers. The sliding doors will remain closed to enforce this.

Access to toilets is one person at a time.

It is wonderful to be able to play our Championships, and we are all so excited to be out and playing tennis and seeing other, it’s easy to forget that we still have to distance and limit our numbers when gathering outside. So let’s Hold Firm and keep our club a safe place for all of us.

Many thanks

Your Committee