26th April 2021

On entering the club grounds you agree to comply with the Reopening Rules

When will the Club be open for play and when can I book a court?

Courts are now available for play from 9am to 8.50pm. We are very much dependent on our Duty Supervisors who volunteer to make this possible. Bookings on alternate courts are staggered and will commence on the hour and half-hour respectively.
Courts will be open for booking at 9pm each night to book a court 3 days in advance. For example, at 9pm on Monday, bookings will open for Thursday. This will be subject to review.

Please ensure you provide a full name for each player when booking a court.
The Club will close at 9pm sharp. Please vacate the courts promptly at 8.50pm to allow the Duty Supervisor to clear the Club and close up for the night.

Play is for 50 minutes and players must vacate the courts promptly at ten to the hour or twenty past the hour, depending on the start time.

Please arrive on time for your court. You will have to wait at the gate for your opponent and to check in with the supervisor so there is no point arriving very early. Similarly, if you are late you will not have the facility to amend your booking should you need to. Please check your booking before you leave the house to avoid undue stress at the gate if the wrong people turn up, as bookings can only be amended up until the start time. There is no facility to amend the booking once the time slot has begun and if the wrong people turn up, you will not be allowed to play.

If my opponent cancels, can I find another player to play against?

Yes. If you are the owner of the booking (i.e. if you booked the court) you can simply amend your opponent’s details by logging in on your computer or phone. If the owner of the booking can’t play, the booking is null and void and the owner will have to cancel the booking to avoid a no-show. The opponents can always try to rebook the court once the owner has cancelled, should they wish to do so.

What do I do if my opponent cancels at the last minute and I can’t find another player?

You can just cancel your booking on the system and leave the court free for anyone else who is free to use it.

Why do players have to check-in with the Duty Supervisor?

The role of the Duty Supervisor is to ensure that we have an accurate record of members attending the Club for contact tracing should the need arise and to ensure that players are complying with guidelines. It is also expected that in the early days of opening, there will be some questions that arise when players are at the club so it is important that these can be resolved. All of our Duty Supervisors are volunteers and we could not return to play without their help. Please do your best to assist them.

Who can book a Court?

From Monday 25th May, all members, senior and junior, may book courts. We are still asking people to only book once when booking opens at 9pm. Members may play twice in one day if a court remains unbooked 2 hours from its start time.

What if my child wants to play?

In accordance with the Tennis Ireland guidelines, members under the age of 18 must be supervised. If there is a game between junior members from different households, we would ask that only one adult supervises this game and that there are no non-playing children with the adult supervisor. This is to reduce the amount of people in the club at any one time so that social distancing can take place. If the adult supervisor is a member, please put their name on the booking too.
Please explain to junior members that they must only touch their own balls and that they should not go onto an adjacent court to retrieve a ball if there are players on the court.
Playing hours for junior members remain unchanged as per the Court Booking Rules.

Can we bring a small child, a family member or friend to watch us play?

Unfortunately we cannot facilitate spectators in the club at the moment. Anyone present is there for the purposes of playing tennis only. All attendees need to be named on the booking system for tracing purposes and we need to keep footfall to a minimum in the short term. Unfortunately, this includes any small children who are not playing tennis.

Is coaching available?

For the moment, only private coaching is available on an individual basis, or for two people from the same household. Please contact our coaches directly to arrange this:
• Áine Leonard- 087 6174227
• Rob Neiland- 087 3926687
• Catalin Iordan- 087 1371036
• Neil Ryan- 087 1731249

Will the Clubhouse be open to access lights and toilet facilities?

The Clubhouse will not be open in this phase so it will not be possible to use lights or access the toilet facilities. Please bear this in mind before coming to the club.

Can I park at the Club?

The grounds are closed to cars for the moment. This is to ensure that members can be socially distant when going in and out of courts. There is plenty of on street parking adjacent to the Club. Please respect our neighbours and do not park on double yellow lines!

Can we play doubles in the opening phase?

Doubles with partners from different households is not allowed due to the risk that social distancing may not be adhered to by players. We hope that this will change for future play and we await guidance from Tennis Ireland. Doubles with partners from the same household is allowed but please make sure that partners do not swap over at any time.

What do I need to know about tennis balls?

• Balls will not be available for sale at the Club so please ensure that you bring your own clearly-marked balls and do not pick up or use balls belonging to other players.
• Unless you are from the same household, you cannot share your partner’s balls to serve so would suggest hitting practise rather than a match.
• Players from the same household can share balls.

If I book a game against Player A on a given day, can Player A then book a court against a different player on the same day?

In the early phases of reopening, all members will be very keen to play. We would ask that you PLAY once per day, whether you book the court or not. We need to be mindful of other members, make sure everyone has a chance to book, and not create a booking frenzy each night. From May 24, members play twice if they see a court has not been booked within two hours of its start time.

When will guests be allowed to play?

We must be able to provide an accurate list of players for contact tracing purposes so we do not propose to allow guests to play in the near future. We will review this.

I can’t access ClubManager to make a booking, what do I do?

Since access to ClubManager is necessary to make a booking, it is important that you get this issue resolved promptly. If you need assistance, please send an email to alan.cherry01@gmail.com or sandycovetsc@clubmanager.ie

What happens if Members do not comply with the Return to Play guidelines?

We hope that all of our members will comply with the Return to Play guidelines as the Club can only remain open if everyone adheres to them. If a difficulty arises, the Committee reserves the right to cancel court bookings but we hope that this will not be necessary.