Rules for Club Handicaps 2022

  • Thank you to all those who entered the Senior Handicaps – here’s to great 2 weeks of tennis!
  • The draws are now up on the website in the link below:

Club Handicaps 2022

  • The TI software cannot hold the handicaps allocated to each player and pair therefore the Handicaps will only be visible on the Club Notice Board and will not be available online.
  • Please make sure to review the Senior Handicaps guidelines (see below) before your match. They also include the guidelines for calculating the correct handicaps. These should be agreed before play commences.
  • Players provide their own balls
  • First round matches to be played by Friday 8th July
  • The booking system has been changed to allow two consecutive courts to be booked as most matches will over run. Also the courts can only be booked 3 days in advance to give everyone time to see the results from the previous rounds and book accordingly.
  • Short games (first point after deuce); Short sets for all 3 sets (first to 6 games); mixed doubles deuce Serve is man to man or woman to woman. Each set starts at the same point in the situation where there is a 0.3 in the handicap.
  • Please ensure match results emailed to and written on the draws on the notice board.
  • Match dates and times for the second week will be posted on the website and the notice board.
  • Watch notice board and website for details.


Mandy, Jenny, Greg and Paul

Calculating the Handicap

The following are guidelines for calculating the correct handicaps. These should be agreed before play commences. These guidelines can also be found on the notice board.
Where appropriate, 2 minus handicaps or 2 plus handicaps must change with the lower handicap adjusting to ‘Scratch’. Combinations of ‘PLUS’ and ‘MINUS’ handicaps don’t change.


· MINUS 30 (-30) versus PLUS 15 (+15) – NO change

· MINUS 30 (-30) versus MINUS 15 (-15) would change to -15 versus SCRATCH

· PLUS 15 (+15) and PLUS 15 (+15) would be SCRATCH and SCRATCH.

· MINUS 30 (-30) versus MINUS 15.3 (-15.3) would be MINUS 0.3 (-0.3) versus SCRATCH

Your WORST handicaps will always begin on games 1,3,5 for both PLUS & MINUS handicaps.