We are pleased to announce that this year the Club Championships will take place from

Monday, August 21st 2017 until Saturday September 2nd 2017

The sign up sheets are now up on the Club noticeboard and will remain up until Wednesday 9th August

Matches will be scheduled from Monday August 21st until Saturday September 2nd

Monday – Friday from 6pm till late and Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August

There will be 10 events this year. Players may enter a maximum of 3 events.

Please note if you play in more than one event you may be expected to play more than one match in a night.

Also please consider if you can commit to the timelines.

The Events:

Ladies Singles
Mens Singles

Ladies Doubles
Mens Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles Over 45 Lucky Dip

Ladies Singles
Mens Singles

Class 5 Down
Ladies Doubles
Mens Doubles
Teams will consist of a league player ( Class 5 and lower ) and a non-league player.

Please check out the Championship Guidelines which are available on the Club Website.
Click here to view guidelines

Looking forward to a fantastic fortnight of tennis!

Larry and Lise-Ann