Dear Members,

It’s with great pleasure that we ask all those wishing to take part in the 2021 Senior Handicaps Tournament (July 5th to 17th) to register for the event. Please find below your registration Portal and for those who do not already have a profile on the Tennis Ireland platform instructions on how to do this. Your Club Committee & Captains are delighted to be able to present the event in full this year and we look forward to witnessing the fun and competitiveness that the handicaps always deliver.

Once again, entries should be made online at this website address:
2021 Senior Handicaps Registration

For those of you who have not signed up on the Tennis Ireland platform you will be unable to register for the handicaps on the link above. To sign up simply follow the steps as outlined below.

Step 1

Create a Tennis Ireland tournament Profile (this is different to a DLTC profile). Simply log onto the website:
Tennis Ireland Tournament Profile

and create (bottom left of the home page) your own unique profile and log in password. Do remember to enter ‘Gender’. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email together with your PIN number.

Step 2
Once registered and logged in, go to the ‘Tournaments Tab’ and enter Sandycove Senior Handicaps in the Search bar or use the link provided above. This will bring you to the Tournament online entry page where you enter the events that you wish to play in and in the case of doubles your partners name and PIN number. Should you not have a doubles partner the software will allow you request one. Note: there is no guarantee that you will be allocated a partner however the system will facilitate as many requests as possible and as numbers allow for.

Step 3
Once step one and two are completed you will see at the bottom of the online entry page a facility to let the Tournament organisers know if there are dates/times where you are unavailable. All those entering the Handicaps should in principle be available in particular for the each evening on the 2nd week of the event so as to best assist the Club in planning and executing a great event.

Please ensure to only use the ‘Unavailable’ time or day facility for week two if and where you absolutely have to. This will assist us greatly and as always we will look to facilitate and assist all requests as the event progresses.


The Event Registration entry portal will close strictly at 11pm on Sunday June 27th.

For Week One of the event you will need to arrange your own matches and book court time in advance. For Week Two your Handicaps committee will arrange and publish matches 24 hours in advance daily. These will be uploaded onto the event platform and you will need to check in advance so as to ensure to be fully aware of any changes.

The Handicap Finals will take place on Saturday July 17th and we will update all on the ‘Finals day’ schedule once the event registration process is completed.

Fantastic to be back and good luck to all.


Aileen, Mandy, Paul & John F.