Professor Luke O’Neill

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are keeping well and getting fit, April is only around the corner….

I was cleaning out my tennis bag this morning in anticipation when my phone rang. It was full of old tennis balls and a few dampers and even a disposable glove. I had about five spare tennis balls, mostly with my name on them; they must be there from the first return to tennis! Worse than that, they were from three different sets- the others probably over the fence at the side of court 4. I must get more lessons.

Anyway, the phone was ringing and it was our Men’s Captain, Paul Fitzgerald –“Hey Barry, I was just chatting to Bridget Whelan in Glenageary and she asked if we’d all like to meet Prof. Luke O’Neill next Wednesday”. Great, tell me more…

Well, as you know, Luke is Irelands favourite Immunologist and he’s coming to Sandycove TSC in conjunction with our friends in Glenageary. (Sorry, no, we are not having Champaign and Canapes; we need to stay socially distant for now). We are, however, having a webinar talk and Q&A on Wednesday 10th March at 7pm. Yes this Wednesday.
Luke has become a very familiar figure to us all over the last year, reassuring the nation, as he explains the science in his informative and entertaining way
We are delighted he is being so generous in giving up some time in his busy schedule to be with us. I can’t wait…
We’re expecting a big turnout and many of you may like to ask a question. Can you please email them in advance to with the subject line: Luke O’Neill. We will have our own Richie Porter on hand to ask these questions for you. Richie likes asking difficult questions. We hope to field questions from the floor on the night too.

I am really glad Paul called me and so is our dog – she now has five new balls to play with. I am grateful too for the friendship that our neighbours in Glenagery have shared with us, and for organising this interesting evening.
So, here’s the link to a wonderful session on Wednesday at 7:

Professor Luke O’Neill – Webinar Link

Webinar id: 919 2674 4773
Passcode: 103054

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening.

Barry Totterdell