Hi Everyone,

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m waiting to go on a zoom call with our Tennis reopening group.
The sky is clear outside our kitchen window and the trees completely still; I wish that reflected my mind and body- I’m a bit all over the place at the minute, anticipating the fun next week.

We are just checking in to ensure we are fully ready and compliant for Monday. I’m sure you read our email yesterday and are ready to go … bag packed , racquet clean and new balls.

Remember Court bookings open on Friday at 9pm so book your time and enjoy your tennis.

Your committee asked me to let you know we are operating our Free Lights system again for the next few weeks from Monday’s to Thursday’s 8pm to 10pm.That’s great news and makes it easier to stay socially distant and out of the clubhouse.

I’ve been asked by some people who are fully vaccinated if they can play doubles with more than two households. I brought this up with the Ceo of Tennis Ireland, Richard Fahy, and he raised the issue with Sport Ireland and the Expert Group, who in turn raised it with NPHET. In short, NPHET’s reply is not for now but concession’s may be made shortly… I’ll keep in touch.

I’m reciting the few golden rules for getting back to tennis and turning them into a mantra;
“Sanitise, Social distance, 50 Minutes, Leave and Stay away if unwell” it doesn’t rhyme but it’s easy. Does anyone know a tune I could hum it to?

We have been busy over the last while and have done some Covid compliant work on the Club grounds. Alan and his team of Mairead and Mary Donohoe have really excelled under the conditions. I also want to give a big thanks to Rob Neiland who did Trojan work over the last while. In fact you will see him in the attached short video if you watch out.

I thought I’d share a little preview and reminder of what the Club looks like after this long shutdown and I’m sure you will enjoy playing in Sandycove in the next few days.

I mentioned good tennis, good friendships and good health in earlier emails and I really hope you experience all of these over the next while. We have all the ingredients, a great Clubhouse and Courts, great and friendly people and Vaccines on the way.

So click on the link and get your bag ready for tennis next week.

Kind and excited regards
Barry Totterdell