There was very strong demand for Floodlight League this year and as a result we have entered a fourth team and could have entered a fifth team but we would not have had availability for courts. As a result we have a number of strong league standard players that signed up to play and will be subs. We plan to ensure that these players get significant opportunities to play and will be a vital part of the club’s campaign. The teams that have been selected are detailed below. The teams and fixtures have also been published on the noticeboard.

1st Team – Class 2
Oisin O’Hanlon
Will Fitzgerald
Rob Neiland
Harry Owens ©

2nd Team – Class 3
Richie Morris
Catalin Iordan
Jocelyn O’Callaghan ©
Louis Hemeryck

3rd Team – Class 4
Luke Hanley
Colin Grant
Brian O’Gorman
Sam Hanley ©

4th Team – Class 5
Harry Wall
Roy Bailey
Ken Browne
Mark Cunningham ©

Matches start next Monday, 30 September, and run each Monday until the finals on 25 November. There is a bank holiday on Monday, 28 October, so those games will take place on Wednesday, 30 October. Team captains will be in contact to confirm availability each week.

The very best of luck to everyone during the campaign.