Psychological Training for Tennis

Following are some areas worked on at coaching in Sandycove:

  1. Stay positive before, during and after your match
  2. Focus on the next point and not the previous point
  3. Ignore external factors, e.g. what’s happening on another court or people watching
  4. Give your best no matter what the score is. You can comeback from any scoreline so never give up
  5. Have a plan in your head for the next point. e.g. Where you want to hit your serve or return
  6. Give your all into your coaching / practice so that you can perform better in matches.
  7. Keep focused at changeovers, do not get into chit chat with opponent.
  8. Use visualisation. For example if you miss a shot, imagine in your mind how to hit the ball correctly.
  9. Build Confidence. Think of matches where you have played well or beaten a very good opponent.
  10. If you win the 1st set, imagine that it is the start of the match again. The danger is you can relax too much and let your opponent back into the match.