Thank you to all for the phenomenal level of interest in Winter League, and the commitment to the prep sessions etc.

We name the teams below. Before you race to read them, please know that your captains, and the esteemed selection committee, have all lost sleep over this one!
An unprecedented volume of eager participants, of an excellent calibre.
Many of you will be disappointed to not make a team – we would love to have been able to include everyone. Rest assured there will be lots of chances to sub.
Many more will read your name and feel that you are playing a class lower than you feel you are capable of – and you probably are. But maybe there is opportunity in that – for us to lean in, play our hearts out and realise some promotions!!!

Also to mention that, to accommodate as many as possible of our enthusiastic Sandycove Squad, we entered a 2nd class 7 team (you can’t choose what level to enter – you need to start at the beginning). DLTC in their wisdom have decided to create a class 8. . . and so we must start there.

October league was about settling back into competitive tennis. With this depth of skill ladies, the focus this time out is several promotions – and a pennant or two!

Some of the teams below have 7 names. There are some dates where people know they are not available, and with Covid, Close contact rules etc we deemed it most wise to include a first alternate on several teams.

This Sunday, we hope that you will play with your partner, in the teams below. Classes 2/3 and 4 (pod 1) will start at 2pm. 5,6,7 and 8 (pod 2) will play at 3.30. Please RSVP – Let Mandy (pod 1) or Jenny (pod 2) know if you are coming or not. We will then invite subs to fill gaps as necessary.

And to our wonderful subs – stand by! we will need you!!

Thanks all, please know that we have taken advice from many, and that we have done our best . . . . this is not a perfect science!

Best of luck!
Jenny and Mandy