We are coming to the end of winter league but happily we have three teams top of their group. Class 5.1 lead on 9 points, class 3 also has 9 and class 2 an amazing 10 points. Class 5.2 are on 7 points.

Sadly the two class 6 teams have had tough opposition every week but last Sunday the second class 6.2 won at home 3-0. Congrats to Sheila Carew, Anita Kane, Lynn Stephens, Margaret Worrall subs Joanne Morrissey and Mary O’Connell. Class 4 and class 6.1 had strong opposition and sadly did not win.

This week is very important and hopefully all the teams will overcome their opponents yet again. There will four matches in Sandycove on Sunday starting at 2pm and 3.30pm so please come to watch and support our players.
Again many thanks to all the players and subs.
Best of luck