Dear all, please find below the teams for this year’s summer league campaign. The selection committee would like to thank everyone who signed up. It was absolutely brilliant to see so many people out playing challenges and practice matches in the last few weeks, we will be very well prepared for league! Unfortunately we have no Class 6 team this year as DLTC force-promoted a load of teams up to Class 5. If I had known this, I would have entered another Class 7 team but DLTC didn’t make the decision until after the teams were entered and they saw the numbers. Sincere apologies to all those who signed up and did not make a team, there were too many people for available places, but please be assured that there will be many opportunities to sub and you will be called upon to play.

Thanks and here’s to a great, fun league campaign!

Sandycove 1, Class 2
Áine Leonard
Laura Noble
Ruth Dillon
Sarah Emerson

Beccy Breach and Petra Grehan
Sandie O’Callaghan and Joanna van Remoortere

Sandycove 2, Class 3
Vanessa O’Reilly
Jacqui Lyons
Aideen Sheehan

Fleur Muldowney and Andrea Begley
Ruth Canavan and Clare Morris (captain)

Sandycove 3, Class 4
Meabh Moore
Linda Walsh
Karen Johnson

Anne Keogh and Aileen Regan
Val Kerr (captain) and Aishling Delaney

Sandycove 4, Class 4
Helen Hughes
Breege English
Amy Murray

Angela Bennett and Shelagh Cunningham (captain)
Emma O’Rourke and Ruth Milne

Sandycove 5, Class 5
Anna MacDonald
Margaret Hartnett
Colette McNichols

Natalie Flanagan (captain) and Fiona Spillane
Jenny Cullen and Grace Weldon

Sandycove 6, Class 5
Emily Collison
Anne Hayden
Ellen O’Carroll

Emma Percival and Sarah-Beth Casey (capt)
Mairéad Walsh and Jane Cummins

Sandycove 7 Class 7
Mandy O’Neill
Jane Boyle
Kate Quinn

Sheila Carew (captain) and Aisling Shiels
Fiona Kelly and Fran Spillane