Our valiant ladies firsts team came up against some shockingly good competition last night. The tennis on Court 1 was a treat for the spectators on the balcony who got to watch our own Queen of the Court Áine Leonard slug it out against an Irish Federation Cup player. Áine was by no means outclassed either, but running our fantastic junior and adult coaching programme, bringing the kids away on trips and training the rest of us to playoff nirvana means that she doesn’t have quite the same time to devote to her own tennis these days. Nonetheless is it a joy and a privilege to watch you in action Áine, you are so appreciated by all of us here in Sandycove!

On court 2, Sarah Emerson was her usual cool, calm and collected self against another really excellent Fed Cup player. Sarah has had a brilliant campaign, always digging in for the win wherever it is possible, and won so many valuable points, an indispensable team member!

On Court 3, Sandie O’Callaghan was just beginning to turn things around in the second set, hitting one impressive backhand after another, it was clear to us all she was seizing control of the match – you’ll be playing more singles in future Sandie!

Unfortunately on Court 4, Beccy and Petra were just pipped 6-4 6-4 in the No.1 Doubles, despite winning what seemed like the majority of amazing points, while on Court 5 Joanna Van and Emma O’Rourke were cruising to the second set and certain victory! Alas, it wasn’t to be. It was always a massive ask to qualify for the final and gain the elusive promotion to Class 1, but you are getting closer every time girls, Winter League here you come…

And so, our fantastic and tumultuous summer league is over for the ladies. We are all wrecked but unbowed! Thanks again to everyone who played and subbed, who watched and cheered and commiserated, to Mary O’Connell for her live international reporting, to all the captains who I nagged and nagged about subs and balls and keys and lights and balls falling from skirts and blah blah blah, and most of all to my Consigliere, Karen Johnson, who fed me spreadsheets and made me feel safe that no major subbing catastrophes would befall us.

Enjoy the weekend break and see you for the Handicaps on July 1!