Firstly, thank you all for putting your names forward for summer league and attending the Sunday training sessions. Players might be surprised by some of the selections but teams were chosen after careful consideration over the past 3 weeks. I tried to be fair and viewed the teams as a whole group and the opposition they are up against.

The final training session is on Sunday at 12pm for singles and 2pm for doubles. We have 3 weeks before league starts and would like both singles and doubles partners to play as much as possible during this time.

See you Sunday If you can not come please text me.
All the best. Jenny


Team 1 – Class 2
Singles: Aine Leonard, Laura Noble, Ruth Dillon

Doubles: Petra Grehan, Sarah Emerson, Sarah-Jane Lloyd, Sandie O’Callaghan ©, Beccy Breach

Team 2 – Class 3
Singles: Sarah White, Vanessa O’Reilly, Ruth Canavan

Doubles: Joanna Van Remoortere & Jacqui Lyons ©, Fleur Muldowney & Andre Begley

Team 3 – Class 4
Singles: Val Kerr, Aisling Delaney, Vivienne Fitzgerald

Doubles: Clare Morris © & Karen Johnson, Catherine McCooey & Shelagh Cunningham

Team 4 – Class 4
Singles: Aileen Regan ©, Julia Cullen, Emma Flanagan

Doubles: Mairead Walsh & Yvonne Fitzsimons, Colette McNichols & Ruth Milne

Team 5 – Class 5
Singles: Aideen Sheehan, Linda Walsh, Amy Murray

Doubles: Breege English © & Anna MacDonald, Zuilmah Wallis & Grace Weldon

Team 6 – Class 6
Singles: Anita Kane, Maebh Moore, Eva Bennett

Doubles: Deirdre Staines & Mairead Mackey, Margaret Hartnett © & Katrina Wardlaw

Team 7 – Class 7
Singles: Jenny McCann, Ellen O Carroll, Siobhan Smyth

Doubles: Helen Hughes & Jane Cummins ©, Oilbhe Doyle & Emma Percival