Dear ladies,

Please find attached a link to the latest singles ladder which is up on the noticeboard. It brings joy to my heart to see people out challenging and playing singles, well done everyone. Any challenges completed by May 3rd will be considered for summer league teams, so get out there!

Ladies Singles Ladder

Some new rules:

Challenges after May 3 should be played within two weeks. If you can’t play within two weeks, you lose the match. You can always challenge back.

After May 5, challenges within the top 10 will be best of three sets with a third set tiebreak. Players are allowed to book consecutive courts for this purpose at off peak times.

Each player gets one wild card per calendar year. This means that you can challenge anyone, anywhere on the ladder.

Please send ALL results to as there will be prizes for most matches played, and they will be worth winning, I promise!

Many thanks to all,