Dear all,

The ladies pre-summer league doubles round-robin groups and the singles ladder will be on the website and club noticeboard from Tuesday morning. The doubles groups are grouped for ease of playing only – it’s just easier just to play three matches in the time we have left. You should play all matches in your group before May 2nd please. However, extra challenges out of your group are welcome and to be encouraged. Please challenge away! Matches consist of a set. If teams are tied at 6-6, a Championship Tie Break (ie first to 10 but win by 2) will decide the match. When you have played a match, please email result to

Doubles groups

Round Robins

The singles ladder has been arranged to the best of our ability, no doubt there are people who will be in the wrong place but the best way to fix that is by playing matches. We urgently need singles players for summer league, so I would appeal to all singles players to get their competitive mojo going and challenge, challenge, challenge! We will be employing a fairly basic set of ladder rules until summer league, and will be honing the finer details after that. All rules will be on the board and the website, but matches also consist of a set, with the championship tie break at 6-6. When you have played a match, please email result to Good luck everyone, and thank you all so much for your participation. Here’s to some great practice matches ahead of summer league.

Singles Ladder

Anyone who has been omitted – there are bound to be some oversights, it has been a busy week! – please let me know at and I will add you in.

Many thanks