Junior Ladder Rules


A player ranked 1-10 may challenge up 3 places

Players ranked 11+ may challenge up 6 places

Players ranked 30+ may challenge up 10 places

*You can make 1 Wildcard challenge a year. This means you can play anybody on the ladder once a year, if you win you take their place.

All matches are just 1 full set. If it goes to 6 games all, play a tie-break.

For the U12 ladder, the type of tennis ball that they should be using is beside their name. If the players playing a ladder match have different colour tennis balls beside their name, the players must use the hardest tennis ball. The tennis balls range in hardness from Red & Yellow, Orange & Yellow, Green & Yellow up to a normal Yellow Tennis Ball.

All results should be sent by email to robcherry2000@gmail.com Please do not text the scores as it is easier to manage the results by email.


The challenger must contact the opponent to arrange the match.

The winner of a challenge must give the score to Rob by email.

A losing challenger may not re-challenge the same person within 14 days after losing.

If you are challenged then you need to play the challenge match within 2 weeks of being challenged. Exceptions are if the person is not well/injured/away. Failure to do so will result in the challenger moving up to your place on the ladder.

In order for us to make accurate selections for Junior / Adult League  teams we will be referring to the ladders, so it is important that you are active on the Ladder.