Last call for those interested in putting forward their names for upcoming U12 and U18 league. Please email aineleonardtennis@gmail.com by Friday Feb 1st at the very latest. We particularly need more U12 Girls to put their name forward or list as subs if possible please. Challenges finish on Thurs Jan 31st.


U12 and U16 Stars and Stripes is also fast approaching. A panel of 10 players will be selected from the ladders, or depending on availability, up to 15. Challenges can be made on the ladders for Stars and Stripes up to this Sunday Feb 3rd. Please check the website for up to date ladder positions. U14 Stars and Stripes event to follow in March. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all our juniors to be actively involved in the ladders throughout the year to ensure enough time to arrange matches and work their way up.

The coaching team have introduced Heart Cards this term which you may find your child coming home with from their coaching class! The idea behind the cards is to give our juniors something to aim for and reward them for things they do well in coaching. For the last week of term, the kids can trade in their heart cards for little prizes (grips, shock absorbers, jellies etc) We have 6 ways to earn a Heart Card- IMATCH.
I- Improvement
M- Matchplay
A- Attitude
T- Teamwork
C- Concentration
H- Hard Work

All juniors born 2010 and older have been added to the Junior Ladders. Any ladder match played, win or lose, earns a Heart Card! Please check ladders and rules on the website and please email aineleonardtennis@gmail.com if your child is not listed and would like to be added. Orange/ Green/ Yellow balls along with lines for orange ball court are inside the clubhouse on the windowsill for those that need them for challenges. Please return balls and lines to the container on the windowsill. Thank you.


U11 and U12 Phoenix Carrickmines. Entry closes Feb 4th

Phoenix Tournament – Carrickmines

Carrickmines Tennis 10’s- U8, U9 and U10 Boys and Girls Events. Entry closes Feb 7th
Please note the Date of Birth qualification for Tennis 10’s

U8 2011 / 2012
U9 2010
U10 2009

Carrickmines Tennis 10s

Galway Junior Open- Grade 2 Tournament. U12, U14, U16 and U18 events. Entry closes Feb 17th.

Galway Junior Open

If any of our Juniors U14 and older would be available for ‘hitting’ please let me know as I am putting a list together. We have some of our younger juniors in the club looking for people to hit with them and it would be good for both sides. Assistants- 10e per hour for hitting. Assistants list will be up on the outside notice boards next week.

Thank you,
Aine Leonard (Head Coach)