We are coming to the end of Term 1 of Junior Coaching with next week being the last week of our 10 week term (finishing Sat Nov 20th). Term 2 of the Junior Coaching will commence on Monday November 22nd and will run for 12 weeks up until March 12th 2022 (excluding Christmas break Dec 19th- Jan 9th and Feb mid term break)

Please find the Registration Form for those looking to join the Junior Coaching programme this term plus the 12 week Price List. If your child is currently in coaching, you do not need to fill out this form. Please text Aine on 087-6174227 by 9pm Wednesday Nov 17th to confirm that your child would like to keep their space in their groups. Spaces not confirmed will be offered out to those looking to join. Term 1 timetable is copied here for you to double check over and notify me of any changes.

STC Term 1 Timetable – 2021

Easy Payments will be updated for new Term 2 payments from next Wednesday. We hope to see your child back with us to continue improving their tennis and having fun!

Thank you,

Aine Leonard and the Coaching Team

Junior Coaching Registration Nov 2021 Registration Form

STC Junior Coaching 12 week Price List