Adult Coaching

We are looking to start a couple of new Adult Coaching classes and Cardio Tennis Classes commencing the week of Sep 14th. If you are interested in signing up to a class, please email with your phone number, whether you are looking for coaching or cardio, and availability (mornings/ evenings/ weekends) We are also looking at starting a Mens Hit and Run Class hopefully mid week at 8-9pm. This is fast faced class and is suitable for all levels. If interested, please email

Junior Coaching

There has been a great response for the Junior Coaching and as a result I am looking at adding some extra classes. I am aware that a lot of the groups are full and with some school schedules coming out late, it has been difficult to change class if you needed to. If your child was looking for additional hours, please email me as soon as possible and I will look to see if I can organise some extra classes on either a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

Thank you,

Aine Leonard