Finally we’re back on court with competitive championships as the Handicaps commence. Handicap matches can extend beyond our one hour slot and traditionally people could book two courts separately and continue with the match if extra time was required. With the contact tracing element of COVID this was not longer possible and therefore for this week we have relaxed the rule of consecutive bookings for the same people on the same court. Where players have not managed to book a follow on court the handicap match will have preference over a friendly match. COVID has raised a number of unforeseen issues and I’m sure you will all appreciate that there will be additional constraints that we will need to comply with to keep everyone safe.

On a very positive note we received great news from the DLTC last week – “The Council have decided that we will run Winter League 2021 starting on Sunday 12th September and Finals on 14th November 2021. This means that only Sundays will be taken up.” It will be great to be part of a team again representing Sandycove TSC!

Paul, Mandy, Aileen, John F