Hi everyone,

Spring was definitely in the air this weekend, reminding us all of better, tennis filled days to come!

We’re all missing our tennis so much and your committee members miss seeing you on the courts, winning or losing but having laughs and fun either way!

We’re all hoping to be back on court very soon and in preparation for this wondrous day 😊 we’re going to share a series of videos with you to ensure your fitness and tennis skills are ready for action!

Enjoy this first video and stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks! (For those of you who want to enter the competition, send your guesses to sandycovecaptains@gmail.com by the end of the week)

Fitness and Tennis Skills – Video No.1

From your committee,

Barry, Ruth, Bill, Aileen, Mandy, Paul, John F, Paddy, Eoin, Colin, Anita, Alan and Tim