Hi Everyone,

I’m out walking with Mairead and our dog. We are taking the Bray Head cliff walk to Greystones.

This walk is always nicer in the mornings with the sun rising in the east and showering us with warmth.

We’ve just stopped and Mairead is pouring our coffee – I’m a cheap caffeine junkie- Nescafe is my blend of choice. Anyway, sitting here chatting and looking out at the horizon which is full of wonder and a blank canvass for my dreams, I’m reminded of our balcony in Sandycove.

I’ve really enjoyed my mornings on the balcony over the last few months, the warmth, friendship and chat having coffee (my blend!) and biscuits after a good game. I’ve also enjoyed the pints on a Tuesday evening too. The weather has been kind.

Shortly, from Friday the 22nd of October, we will have full access to our indoor lounge and Bar. That same spirit of friendship and warmth will travel from the balcony through those glass doors, and we welcome our return to our wonderful clubhouse.

For some, this will be their first time inside our clubhouse, and I know you will enjoy it.

Mary and Rory have a Steakout lined up for the 22nd which will be great fun. Numbers are limited, we want to commence our new indoor season safely and comfortably, it’s been a long time.

Here I am rambling on, what’s my point, oh yes, to remind you that we are back indoors from Friday 22nd and I hope you enjoy our full facilities again and of course to sip coffee and wonder about our bright shared future.

Barry Totterdell