I was first alerted to the culprit when I personally had to attend a potential break in to our club on January 12th @3.30am with two Garda in attendance after an alarm call out. Since this date this culprit has appeared on two more occasions. Upon further investigation it transpires that since January 2021 there have been 25 alarm call outs to our club and each time it is due to the fact that the door has been left propped open at night. Beside the simple fact that this is a waste of time and money to our club, this recurring scenario is now compromising future security within our facility. The Garda will be reluctant to answer future potential alarm calls as a result of these ‘false callouts’. It is possible that an actual breach of security could occur and might not be responded to.

Can members please be more vigilant and refrain from propping the door open.

Please close the door after you, thank you.
David Hanley, President