Dear Members,

Entry for the 2021 Club Championships closes at 6pm tomorrow, Wed 4th August. Please sign up as quickly possible! It will be a great opportunity to be involved in the highlight of the tennis year and see some fantastic tennis. To reduce the risk of Covid we’ve introduced an online only entry system this year through TI and again if you’re having any problems with this approach please get in touch with us at or directly with the captains. Instructions below for registering and entering through TI are below.

Sandycove Senior Championships 2021

The Captains.

TI Instructions –

Step 1

Create a Tennis Ireland tournament Profile (this is different to a DLTC profile).
Simply log onto the website: Tennis Ireland Tournament Software and create (bottom left of the home page) your own unique profile and log in password. Do remember to enter ‘Gender’. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email together with your PIN number.

Step 2

Once registered and logged in, go to the ‘Tournaments Tab’ and enter Sandycove Senior Championships in the Search bar or directly to Sandycove Senior Championships 2021 This will bring you to the Tournament online entry page where you enter the events that you wish to play in (For the 2021 Championships a Maximum 3 events per person are allowed) and in the case of doubles your partners name and PIN number. Should you not have a doubles partner the software will allow you request one. For those entering the Lucky DIP mixed doubles event enter your own details only, you will be allocated a partner in the draw.

Step 3

Once step one and two are completed you will see at the bottom of the online entry page a facility to let the Tournament organisers know if there are dates/times where you are unavailable. All those entering the Championships should in principle be available for the tournament dates so as to best assist the Club in planning and executing a great event.