The ball machine is operational and available for use by club members, who have undertaken the ball machine clinic or received training on how to use the ball machine. If you have not learnt how to use the ball machine, you will need to contact Alan Cherry on 085 8351871 or

Juniors aged between 10 and 14 may use the ball machine under adult supervision and providing the adult has received training. Juniors older than 14 may use the ball machine without supervision also providing they have received training.

The Ball Machine is a fantastic way to practice your shots. If you need to work on a shot it is often hard to get a practice partner to do this. Also if you have received coaching it is hard to go straight into a match without practice.

The cost of the ball machine is €3 per hour and tokens are available from Catherine in the office or behind the bar. The token box is located on the wall beside token box for floodlights. The token is inserted and key is dispensed which enables you to get ball machine out of container.

The ball machine can only be used on court 1 or court 4, with court booked in the normal way. The ball machine cannot be used during peak court times, that is after 7pm Monday to Thursday or from 9 to 11am on Saturday’s.

The ball machine should only be used when conditions are dry, when finished, the ball machine should be locked up and key returned to token box. Please note that there is CCTV cameras over the ball machine token box.

The ball machine is a valuable piece of equipment and we would ask members to take care of the machine and treat it with care, as ball machine should be available for enjoyment by all members. Please only use the balls provided. Guidelines on how to use the ball machine are in the links below and in the menu to your right.

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