Dear Members,

We are sure that you, like us, are eagerly awaiting news on whether or not the club will close during Level 5 restrictions. Your Committee has made representations to Tennis Ireland and in turn, TI are seeking clarification from the Government. As soon as we hear from TI, we will inform our members. Fingers crossed for some tennis over the next few weeks. Please find below an email from TI today:

“As you are aware, last night, the government announced that it would be implementing Level 5 restrictions from midnight on Wednesday 21st October.

The restrictions announced deviated somewhat from the Level 5 framework originally produced by Government and Tennis Ireland is engaging with Sport Ireland in relation to the impact of them on Tennis. In particular, we have sought clarity on juniors/coaching activity and have shared our strong belief that singles and some restricted doubles play can take place safely.

We will communicate with you as soon as possible in this respect once clarification has been received.

Yours sincerely

Tennis Ireland”