Hi Everyone,

I’m aching all over today and for all the right reasons. I played in the final week of the Men’s Team Tennis last night. It’s been a great event, as competitive as the ladies, I hear. I looked out over the balcony last evening and I didn’t just see friends playing tennis in a super environment – I saw a Coliseum and modern-day gladiators. I’m glad though, that today, us gladiators get to fight another time! It’s great to be back. Our Captains John F, Paul, Aileen and Mandy organised a super event.

Our Club is a hive of activity at the moment, lots of friends playing their usual competitive games, the Team Tennis on Fridays and Sundays, the excellent free Skills training on Sunday afternoons, great adult coaching groups and cardio sessions. Club Night on Mondays and Ladies morning on Wednesdays. Our excellent Junior coaching program has just finished and we are now looking forward to Summer Camp. Sandycove is a great place, make sure you enjoy it.

That’s not to forget the great coffee and biscuits on the balcony in the mornings and the Bar open again in the evenings.

Next up, as you know, are our Club Handicaps, always fun and competitive. They start on the 5th July and signup closes tomorrow night, I think. The great thing about our Handicap’s, like gladiators, is anyone can win and there are always lots of surprises. I would really encourage you to join in.

Anyway back to my aches, I thought if I played again this morning that would loosen them out but no – so Mairead says she has the answer – some gardening! I hope you all enjoy your weekend too.

Play tennis, enjoy your friends and have fun in Sandycove or you might find yourself, like me – gardening!

Barry Totterdell