Dear Members

On behalf of myself David Hanley and the new incoming committee, may we wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and a real hope for 2022 of better things to come. I am deeply honoured to be entrusted with the President’s role and look forward to carrying on the exemplary work of previous incumbents and volunteers that year on year help steer this great club.

I would like to start by paying due respect to both Barry Totterdell and Philip Bayfield, their respective committees, all the coaches and volunteers and the incomparable Catherine McCooey, who since March of 2019 have guided the club and members through unprecedented times. Myself and the new committee have taken on the baton to continue building on these foundations that to date have allowed us to enjoy as much as possible our facilities and meet our fellow members in this period. Our collective aim on committee is to allow our members to enjoy the club in a safe and enjoyable matter adhering to the guidelines as stipulated. With this in mind I would ask for your patience as the implementation of strategies and initiatives is complex as you are only too aware in an ever changing landscape. Going forward I would also like to make an appeal for volunteers to help in the organisation of any social activities, sparse though they may be in the present climate. As the social secretary role is still vacant, the present committee is multi-tasking in ensuring every social event is catered for, but it would be hugely welcomed if any members were up to the task of helping out when required. If anyone feels so inclined please text or call me and I will put you on the good members list!!

The club continues as a sanctuary in this rollercoaster that we find ourselves on. But, like a lot of people I am grateful that it provides an outlet for our physical and mental health in such a wonderful setting. Please continue to embrace our facility and myself and the committee will continue like our predecessors to help and guide the club as we head into 2022.

Onwards and upwards.

Best Wishes
David Hanley