Hi Everyone,

Firstly let me wish you a very happy Christmas from your committee , Alan , John F, Aileen , Bill , Ruth , Paul , Mandy , Paddy , Eoin, Colin, Anita ,Tim and all your friends in Sandycove.

We’ve played a good amount of tennis over the last few weeks and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I do know though, that competitive and league tennis is really missed by a lot of us so I’m hopeful for 2021. I do know as well, our Tennis Captains, Aileen , Mandy, John F and Paul have already begun planning for 2021 and they are excited.

We were chatting only a few days ago when we started to talk about missing the great Sandycove musicians who entertain us all so well, especially at this time of year. We guessed that they probably miss this to.

So…. We rang one of our eminent and “can do “musicians, Pat Watt. What could our musicians do to bring a little cheer to what is already a memorable Christmas? Well, Pat immediately enlisted Joanne Morrissey and they set about starting a Sandycove Virtual Choir and recorded Hark the Herald Angels Sing along with a group of our musical friends. They did this socially distanced, each in their own home, in the kitchen, bedroom or in the bath, I’m not sure, but it’s brilliant and it’s their debut.

So, if you like, take a minute, reflect on the blessings we have this Christmas and remember your loved ones, wherever they may be.

Maybe like me, shed a tear for those you miss, laugh a little with the great memories you have and I know this Sandycove performance will fill you with the hope and friendship with which it was sent.

Again, Happy Christmas from all of us in Sandycove and our brilliant musicians,

Pat, Joanne, David, Magella, Gary, Bridget, Jayne, Oisin, Noirin, Jim and friends.

Just click on the link below and join us for a little Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas

Barry Totterdell

NEWS JUST IN: Tennis Ireland updated us this evening ( after today’s government announcements) that we can continue with our tennis as is. Singles and Doubles non-competitive play is allowed. No competitions or clubhouse for the next while. – Please remember our Covid safety protocols more than ever.

Many thanks.