Results to August 24th

Semi finalists are
Stephen O’Brien &. Declan Hynes v. Dermot Deverell & Michael Butler.
Pat Leamy & John Marks v. Peter McCartney & Per Lindfors.

This year we have a record 24 entries, with preliminary round ties being played Monday to Wednesday Aug 22-24 at. 9am and 10am. Each pair will play 2 ties in the preliminary round with the top 4 pairings progressing to semi finals on Friday August 26, and final on Saturday August 27, times to be determined by club captains.

Below are –
The Pairings
Schedule of ties Aug 22-24
Placing Rules

Pairings –
Players were rated 1-24 independently by 2:esteemed club elders & their findings were aggregated to produce the following pairings –
Ken Peare & Len Irvine
David Widger & Michael Keane
Pat Leamy & John Marks
Dermot Ennis & Jimmy Morrissey
Tim Eaton & Bill Delaney
Simon Hugh-Jones & John Richardson
Pat Smyth & Des Murray
Michael Butler & Dermot Deverell
Peter McCartney & Per Lindfors
Paul Murphy & Dermot Finucane
Stephen O’Brien & Declan Hynes
Brian Walsh & Rory O’Hagan

Playing Schedule Jimmy Casey Court 1
22 9am. Peter McCartney & Per Lindfors v Simon Hugh-Jones & John Richardson
22 10am. Pat Smyth & Des Murray v Stephen O’Brien & Declan Hynes

23 9am. Ken Peare & Len Irvine v Pat Smyth & Des Murray
23. 10am. Dermot Ennis & Jimmy Morrissey v Stephen O’Brien & Declan Hynes

24. 9am. Peter McCartney & Per Lindfors v David Widger & Michael Keane
24 10am. Brian Walsh & Rory O’Hagan v Paul Murphy & Dermot Finucane

Playing Schedule Court 2
22 9am. Ken Peare & Len Irvine v Dermot Ennis & Jimmy Morrissey
22 10am. Paul Murphy & Dermot Finucane v Pat Leamy & John Marks

23 9am. David Widger & Michael Keane v Tim Eaton & Bill Delaney.
23. 10am. Michael Butler & Dermot Deverell v Brian Walsh & Rory O’Hagan

24. 9am. Simon Hugh-Jones & John Richardson v Michael Butler & Dermot Deverell
24 10am. Tim Eaton & Bill Delaney v Pat Leamy & John Marks.

1. Subs & replacements will be available in the event of injury or unavailability. Please notify in good time.
2. Courts have been reserved on Thursday August 25 at 9 & 10am to facilitate any unplayed ties.
3. Playing format and Placing Rules conform to the TEST principal as proposed and adopted by Pat Giles at the Tennis Masters AGM.

Playing Format –
1. Preliminary round ties will be played on an 11 game basis, to enable ties to be completed within the hour.
2. Format is as per 70+ league, i.e. 10 games with first point after deuce winning the game, 11th to be a 10 point tie break with 2 point winning margin. All games MUST be played, as every game and indeed tie break points are vital.
3. Semi finals and final will be played on a three set basis, first two sets being first to 6:game, and final set if needed being a 10 point tie break with 2 point advantage. Games will be as normal with first point after deuce deciding the game. Receiver elects who receives the serve at deuce.

Semi Finalists –
The top 4 pairs after the preliminary round of ties are the semi finalists with 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.
Placings are determined as follows –
1. Most ties won.
2. If level then most games won.
3. If level then tie break points difference decides.
4. If still level then “the algorithm” will be invoked as certified by Joe Cunningham.