Data Protection and Privacy Statement

Sandycove Tennis and Squash Club (hereafter “the Club”) endeavours to act at all times in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.


The Club requires and retains basic personal data, typically only in the form of contact details, in respect of each of its Members (e.g., name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses). This information is requested as part of the membership application process. Such personal data is retained by the Club for administration purposes throughout the term of each Member’s membership, and may also be retained for a period of up to three years after a Member’s membership has ceased so that the Club may provide former Members with promotional notices regarding the Club. A former Member who does not wish to receive such notices can advise the Club Office and all such personal data will be deleted.

The Club may contact its Members through any medium for which the Member has supplied a contact detail (e.g., by telephone, text, post or email). The contact details held by the Club for each Member are detailed in each Member’s annual membership renewal documentation. It is the responsibility of each Member to verify that these details are up-to-date and correct, and where any part of this information is wrong or outdated; it is for each Member to return the renewal documentation or amend details under their Membership Information area accessible via the Club’s website advising of the correct information, or to contact the Club Office.

Except where required by law to do so, the Club will never provide a Member’s personal data to any third party except to a competition organiser for the purposes of confirming the Member’s details where that Member is or has entered into a league or competition recognised by the Club. However, the nature of a Club is such that Members often request the contact details of other Members from the Club Office in order to arrange competitions or matches. A Member must advise the Club Office if they do not want their contact details, or certain contact details to be available to other Members. In addition, a Membership List is held in the Club House for the use of Members, and this contains certain contact details. Whilst a Member’s name must appear on the Membership List, if a Member would like their contact details to be rescinded from this list, please contact the Club Office.

For the purposes of this Statement, a Member shall be taken to also mean a Unit of Membership, as in a family membership where applicable.


The Club employs CCTV for the security of its premises and property. This is intended to capture images of intruders or of individuals damaging property or removing property without authorisation.  Images are in general not stored beyond a period of 31 days, save where the images may identify an issue – such as a break-in or theft – and are retained specifically in the context of an investigation of that issue. Access to CCTV footage is strictly restricted to authorised personnel only.


The Club runs a website (, which contains a password protected Members Only section. Each Member is provided with a username and password to access this section. Access allows Members to enter competitions on-line, book tennis courts and to make entries on the blog, but otherwise Members only have reading access to the contents of the site. Senior Members’ telephone numbers are listed on the site so as to enable Members to contact each other. If a Member would prefer to have their telephone number removed or updated, please contact the Club Office.

Collection and use of personal information

We do not collect any personal data about you on our site, apart from information which you volunteer (for example by e-mailing us or by using our feedback facility). Any information which you provide in this way is not made available to any third parties. It is treated with the highest standard of security and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 used by us for the purpose you provided it. If you wish to discuss any matter relating to the processing of personal information on our site, please email:

Collection and use of technical information

Technical details in connection with visits to our site are logged by our internet service provider for our statistical purposes. No information is collected that could be used by us to identify website visitors.

The technical details logged are confined to the following terms:

  • the IP address of the visitor’s web server
  • the top-level domain name used (for example .ie, .com, .org, .net)
  • the previous website address from which the visitor reached us, including any search terms used
  • clickstream data which shows the traffic of visitors around this web site (for example pages accessed and documents downloaded)
  • the type of browser used by the website visitor.

We make no attempt to identify individual visitors, or to associate the technical details listed above with any individual. It is our policy never to disclose such technical information in respect of individual website visitors to any third party (apart from our internet service provider, which records such data on our behalf and which is bound by confidentiality provisions in this regard), unless obliged to disclose such information by a rule of law. The technical information is only used by us, and we use it only for statistical and other administrative purposes such as assessing the number of visitors to the different sections of our site and identifying the nature of the information most and least used.

Online Payments

We use a proprietary system called Easy Payments Plus on our website to collect members subscriptions and junior coaching fees.  All payments are processed using Secure Socket Layer Technology which ensures the security of the transaction”

The Club is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant payment processor, which ensures that, for all Credit Card transactions, all card holder data is managed securely.

Club Staff 

The Club is also an employer. All data held in respect of its staff is strictly restricted to authorised personnel only.


If any Member has a complaint in respect of the use of their personal data by the Club, they are advised to contact the Club Office in the first instance, or write to the Executive Committee.